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GQ MOTY: Best Social Media Activations20.08.19

In the lead up to the next imminent GQ Men of the Year Awards, we took a look back at a few of our favourite social media booths and moments from previous shows.

  1. 3D GIF photobooth

2016's spectacular GQ MOTY show featured an art installation designed by George Lewin as an Instagram booth backdrop, nicknamed the 'GQ Freezus Curve'. The guests were captured inside the art piece, expressing themselves among the modelled shapes in a unique slow-motion video. Guests got quite playful with this one, with vlogger Casey Neistat even risking his suit to do a handstand in the booth.

2. The Contra-Zoom

For the 2017 GQ MOTY we used a contra-zoom camera effect to capture the celebrities as they entered the Tate Modern's Turbine Hall. It's a cinematic technique in which the camera moves towards or away from the subject while simultaneously adjusting the zoom angle to keep the subject the same size in the frame. This cool effect creates a perspective distortion, where the subject appears stationary while the background size changes.

The contra-zoom goes by various names, such as the dolly zoom, and is credited to cameraman Irmin Roberts. It was made famous by Alfred Hitchcock, namely in his film Vertigo, and was also used by Steven Spielberg in Jaws and E.T.

We love the captures of the divine Winnie Harlow and Stormzy with Anthony Joshua in that year's GQ show. They owned it with their natural charisma! Not to mention the stars from Stranger Things, who looked adorably dapper as well.

You can view many of the dramatic results on Instagram with the hashtag #contrazoom.

3. Treadmill Catwalk

For the 2018 edition of the awards, we made the celebrities work up a little sweat with our videobooth treadmill. Against a colourful digital screen backdrop with GQ and Hugo Boss campaign imagery, the guests were invited to strut their stuff on the treadmill, with different accompanying soundtracks. The treadmills were supplied by Canning Conveyor.

We particularly enjoyed Jack Guinness pretending to make hard work of it, while Isaac Carew took to it like a pro. Kate Beckinsale and Kylie both looked stunning, skillfully sashaying along the moving platform in their floor-length gowns.


Looking forward to seeing what the next GQ Men of the Year Awards has in store? Follow all the action on our social feeds @timebased and on the GQ channels - the live show will kick off on 3rd September 2019.

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