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Interview: Managing Events07.10.19

Events Manager, Poppy, discusses her experiences of getting into the events industry, her favourite aspects and challenges of the role.

Why events?

I always knew that I wanted to do something creative and was interested in drama, fashion and experiences. I also have an interest in business and people, and so wanted to do something that would combine these elements.


Describe your typical day?

I’m up by 6.45am, starting the day with some porridge, chopped bananas and a dollop of peanut butter before heading into the office for an 8.30am start. If there’s something urgent that needs doing, then I’ll do that straight away as I know my most productive part of the day is often the mornings when my mind is clear, and the office is quiet.

I’ll then spend a bit of time doing some research for ideation meetings, where we’ll come together to share creative ideas on a project or pitch. I’ll always head out for lunch, as the fresh air and scenery gives me a new perspective. I also have family who live near-by, so I’ll often meet them for a spot of lunch or a cuppa.

Once back in the office, I’ll typically spend an afternoon pulling together budgets, writing copy for proposals and sourcing elements such as entertainers and caterers for events. If there’s a live event coming up, we’ll have a production meeting where we set project milestones and deadlines. I leave the office at 6pm and head straight to the gym, or often out for dinner. I always have 1 or 2 plans in the week, usually centred around eating good food!


I like bringing people, ideas and resources together to create incredible events that amaze and delight our clients

What do you love most about being an events manager?

I love turning ideas into reality. It’s remarkable that you could start developing a concept on a scrap of paper and that very same idea could form the basis of an event. I also enjoy the changeable nature of the role and how every brief, client and project are all different. But mostly, I like bringing people, ideas and resources together to create incredible events that amaze and delight our clients and their audiences.


What are the biggest challenges you face?

The biggest challenge is making sure we’re ahead of the game in terms of new ideas and innovation. It’s about getting out there as much as possible, looking for sources of inspiration and taking a proactive approach to coming up with impactful concepts.


What’s your favourite Timebased project?

It has to be the GQ Men of the Year Awards. I love the buzz in the office leading up to the big show, it’s the one event that pretty much everyone in the office is involved in so it’s a great one for team morale and there’s a wonderful positive vibe in the office after the event.


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