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Events in Berkeley Square15.05.19

Berkeley Square’s aristocratic quadrangle rivals Grosvenor Square as the most fashionable spot in London’s West End. Explore the history of the area and examples of how Timebased came up with event solutions for the space.

Timebased are privileged to have produced a variety of prestigious events at Berkeley Square, ranging from the star-studded Glamour Women of the Year Awards to the annual London Real Estate Forum – the largest gathering of key decision makers in the London property world.

A Landmark in the Capital

The peaceful town square is based in the heart of London’s affluent Mayfair. Rich in history, the area of green was originally laid out in the mid 18th century by architect William Kent and its large plane trees are among the oldest in central London. Once surrounded by residential developments, Berkeley Square now sits amongst high-status offices, car dealers, and art and antique galleries, including Phillips auction house.

Although the area is associated with its residential history and its businesses within the luxury sector, it is also no stranger to an event. Back when the Berkeley Square Ball was an annual occurrence, it was considered the end of summer party to attend. The exclusive event was a fixture in the city's fashion and culture calendar, and each year guests could expect an evening of glamorous entertainment and celebrity company, in aid of The Prince's Trust.

Berkeley Square maintains some sentiment of revelry thanks to Fifty9Bar and members-only club Annabel's - arguably one of the most elegant clubs in the world.


The perfect environment for over 2,000 developers, investors and retailers to learn, engage and network

Event Solutions

Over the years, Timebased have been tasked with producing a number of events in Berkeley Square. We worked with our suppliers to create a large temporary structure on the grounds with a flexible dual-purpose facility that enabled us to transform the space to befit the style of each event, even within a few days of each other. The high-spec structure was entirely bespoke, designed to fit around the numerous immovable objects in the square, whilst also ensuring that the immaculate and historic landscape was not damaged during the complex build process.

The venue also catered for London’s weather uncertainties, with main halls and exhibition areas sheltered under a roof, whilst still making the most of the scenic surrounds via transparent panels or even open sky for other spaces. The most recent LREF event had a combination of these; with intimate private conference rooms, carpeted exhibition halls with stunning skylights and an open-air café and networking area lined with wooden decks. The perfect environment for over 2,000 developers, investors and retailers to learn, engage and network over the course of the three days.

When designing an event, it’s important to consider all the factors that can contribute to its ultimate success – housing your event in a unique and enviable location can not only help the accessibility for guests but also add to its reputation, leading to better attendance and positive associations.

Get in touch if you would like to chat to us more about how we can help with your venue requirements!

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