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Maximising ROI from influencer marketing at events05.03.20

Get to know your consumers and choose your influencers accordingly

Influencer marketing has been rapidly adopted by brands in recent years and is showing no signs of slowing down. Part of the reason for its appeal is its authenticity amongst consumers and the fact that it can be used to create a number of different campaigns.

Timebased specialise in creating events and settings that are perfect for influencers to do their thing!  We’ve seen a huge increase in requests for this type of event over the past few years, evidence of just how effective they are.

At the same time, there’s uncertainty about the effectiveness of influencers as a marketing strategy. According to an Influencer Marketing 2020 report, 84% of marketers feel proving the ROI of influencer marketing is a challenge.

However, putting the right performance indicators in place will help measure the rewards of your strategy and alleviate any concerns around effectiveness.

Our marketing specialists here at Timebased have pulled together their quick tips on how to how to maximize the return from influencer marketing.

Firstly, get to know your consumers and choose your influencers accordingly. This research stage is one of the most important steps to a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Ensure sufficient time is spent researching skilled content creators, analysing the following they’ve generated and the level of engagement they typically receive.

Ensure their content aligns with the target demographic by comparing their age, interests, and style. There’s no point using an expensive celebrity influencer if they have nothing to do with your brand - that money is often better spent on several micro-influencers who can produce more relevant messaging and authentic content.


It’s helpful to attribute a hashtag to each campaign as a clear way of isolating content that is performing as part of this influencer activation. Make sure the hashtag is unique and simple so it’s easier for you to track and easier for people to remember. If you don’t, your ROI might seem less just because you’re missing some of the content.




Think carefully about the call to action on your influencer marketing campaign. Free downloadable content and giveaways drive more engagement than just encouraging people to visit your website or asking them to buy something.

Push your audience to something that is worth their time and makes them engage - the more interactive the experience is, the better. H&M, for example, is known for using music artists as influencers to promote exclusive tickets for intimate live music shows and brand activations. When Timebased produced an H&M DIVIDED pop-up in Brick Lane with Foxes headlining, it was so successful that it ended up running for twice as long as expected.


Give your influencer an imaginative, Instagrammable setting and leave them to have fun in the space. The beauty of influencer marketing is that it can be relatively inexpensive to deploy compared to the cost of creating banner, television or outdoor ads because influencers occasionally shoulder some of the ‘creative costs’ themselves.

This was effective for Sunglass Hut’s Face the Sun pop-up, produced by Timebased. Influencers were invited to come to the event and had the option of posing with various features, including a walkable vinyl-printed quiz, a ‘swimming pool’ ball pit, sun loungers and an orange screen backdrop. In return, they received a complimentary sunglass model from the latest eyewear range. Anytime the influencer wears these glasses in future social posts, Sunglass Hut will get further promotion and reap even more ROI.

There is the potential to gain huge rewards from influencer marketing

Following on from the last point, campaigns in which multiple content creators were found within a specific physical location and given the tools to collaborate and create together have often proved to be the most successful. This strategy builds on the individual followings of each influencer and pushes users further to your brand’s pages and calls to action. What’s more, the influencers themselves benefit from these collaborative partnerships and so their fees may be significantly reduced.

If thought through carefully and creatively, there is the potential to gain huge rewards from influencer marketing. It’s especially useful as a marketing tool nowadays since it is more difficult than ever to break through the glut of content and the lack of organic reach on social platforms.

By investing time, money, products and the right software, you can hope to achieve a return on revenue, brand awareness, sentiment, earned media value and user-generated content.



So, give it a go! And don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you want some assistance with your influencer research or campaign strategy. Timebased have over 20 years of experience of working with celebrities, content producers and influential figures.


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