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How to Razzle Dazzle your Audience05.11.19

Christmas is on its way and your customers want to be thrilled with glitz and glamour. How do you wow your audience?

Take a look at the showstopper elements we produced for an exclusive American Express party, held at Claridge's 5-star hotel in Mayfair, as an example of how to create a spectacular event:


A Curated Venue

If you want to impress your guests from the offset, it's vital to use a venue that will match the tone of your event, whilst inspiring a sense of awe. We did just that. Claridge's is a place steeped in history - since it began life in 1856 it has attracted royals, movie stars and statesmen, fashion designers and dignitaries. It's a hotel synonymous with luxury and renowned for its heritage, yet with a coinciding attention to the contemporary, proven by its art deco lobby that holds works by the likes of Damien Hirst. An ideal venue for the VIP American Express event.

Such a setting adds a sense of prestige to your event, although it doesn't always have to be somewhere so prominent. A little-known venue, newly opened or perhaps concealed by its customary function, can equally add to the exclusive atmosphere.

The Devil's in the Details

What separates a standard event from a premium one? It's all about attention to detail, from the initial concepts to the production and live event management. An original theme and imaginative implementation can also really bring your event to life and make it stand out in your guests' memory (and their social media).

For American Express we focused on a 'black cosmos' theme to elevate the celebratory party. Accented gloss blacks and titanium silver were seen throughout the styling, from the mirrored bars and chrome furniture to metallic balloon installations and angular structures to transform the space. Even the catering, supplied by Claridge's, was designed with the theme in mind - dark nori squid ink tortellinis, for instance, and mirror and black slate trays.

The AMEX brand was subtly highlighted with a 3D glass sculpture custom-built by Timebased, their gladiator logo front and centre. A statement piece for guests to take pictures with.


Entertain and Engage

Last but not least, the entertainment. It's a key component to any party - it increases the energy, determines the mood and can ensure that your guests both stay at your event for its duration and talk about it for longer after.

Nowadays there are an excitingly broad range of performers and entertainment options, though it's important to choose the right ones. Nothing is worse than a luxury event being spoiled by an act that's too garish or at odds with the general messaging.

It's also good to have a bit of variety. The AMEX event had a stunning array of performance artists that tied with the 'black cosmos' theme; an aerial hoop artist and a mirror ball contortionist were positioned at different levels to be admired by the crowd, whilst a roaming saxophonist, illuminated violinist and extraordinary mirrored men interacted with the guests. A dazzling evening indeed!


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