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How to Run an Ideas Factory10.05.19

Our Head of Creative, Pepe Velasco, talks about his experiences in the industry and working for Timebased. Pepe worked as a 3D visualiser and interior designer in Spain for over ten years before moving to England to lead design for various agencies.

How did you enter the field of design?

I got into Art School by running away from Maths, and there I found a world of opportunities. The thing that impressed me the most was the feeling of freedom and the fact that you were given the chance to experiment with many different areas of the creative world. The funny thing is that my drawing skills were awful at the time and I needed to find tricks to make it through. I eventfully focused on Interior Design, it was the mid 90s when Spain was going though a glorious design period following the influence of the Barcelona Olympic Games. I felt quite inspired by all of that. Then we were lucky to be one of the first generations to have access to 3D software. I took 3D as my main visualization tool and that allowed me to be the first one presenting my school final project through a 3D flythrough that impressed my teachers and colleagues. After that I spent more than seven years creating 3D visuals for others. All because of my rubbish drawing skills…

What do you love most about designing for events?

The most interesting thing about events is for sure the people. There is no event without them, and everything depends on whether they get immersed in the moment or not. This turns events into something complex and challenging, and I like solving intricate briefs in a simple and efficient way. The other thing I like about events is that most of the time there is a brand behind it trying to take people into their world. We have to tell a story, we need to make them feel an emotional link to the brand. Those are the ingredients that make the events field very interesting.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

What are the biggest challenges you face?

Working in an international environment like London makes every minute challenging, but you get used to that. I would say the real challenge is helping everyone to understand how important it is to get a good brief from the client, or even to create a brief together with them. The creative really flourishes when the brief is well defined and gives the team a clear frame of work. Once you have a good brief, the rest of the process becomes less of a struggle and more of a joyful experience.


Where do you find your inspiration?

As Picasso would say “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” You have to work hard, explore and go deep into the roots of the challenge. Most of the time the solution is in front of us, we just need to understand the problem well enough. The other way I find inspiration is by keeping track of things that catch my attention and then trying to find the common elements to all of them. Sometimes those connections open interesting avenues, other times I just have a good laugh.


What’s your favourite Timebased project?

I have several favourites, one would be the pop-up store we created for Blippar during Christmas 2016 at the Covent Garden Piazza. Another is the event we did for River Island x Ashish. Both projects had interesting stories behind them and we managed to pull together very solid and creative solutions. That being said, I have to mention the M&S press shows, a project that we produce twice a year and it gets better every time. I love working with the M&S team, they're lovely people and we always have fun together.

Do you have any insight for budding designers or creatives?

Not only do I need to be inventive and resourceful but I also have to help others to trust their own skills. That's a big part of my everyday life as a Head of Creative. Doing so helps people to feel confident sharing their ideas and techniques. I use both qualities as often as possible, on one hand to tackle the projects’ issues and the other to get the best out of the team.

It’s also all about the people. Colleagues, clients, partners, suppliers, etc… find the way to gain respect through your hard work. Take it easy, it will take time, enjoy the journey and make friends along the way. For further advice just give me a shout. Here to help!


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