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Maximising Coverage with Social Media28.02.19

Social media is an event’s best friend. Before and after, it is imperative for a company to utilise social media channels in order to maximise the event’s coverage.

While it’s a no-brainer to hype up an event via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Twitter, and relive and discuss the highlights afterwards via articles, pictures, and blogs, it’s equally as important to encourage discussion while the event is happening.

Here's a point-by-point guide to generating the most coverage.

  1. By 2018, 80 percent of online content will be video-led. Use platforms like Instagram stories and Facebook Live to give an immediate sense of the event and an exclusive behind-the-scenes pass to those who are unable to attend. According to Facebook Live, users watch more than three times longer and are 10 times more likely to comment when the video is live.
  2. Photography plays a huge role in social media. Instagram has 800 million users around the world. Use photos to bring the event to life, as all the creative messaging guests experience can now be shared with a wider audience through social media reportage. From pictures of celebrity guests, to the latest fashion collection at a show, to selfies – events set the stage for pictures to be taken – and by giving guests time and resources to take pictures, you can be sure you will be getting a return on investment. Remind guests to post their location at the event, showing off where this exciting occasion is taking place.

by giving guests time and resources to take pictures, you can be sure you will be getting a return on investment

  1. With its over 150 million daily users, Snapchat is a great medium to connect with a younger, millennial audience. You can also use it to create exclusive content around the event: interviews, pre-event setup, red carpet arrivals, product unveilings, even partner and sponsor testimonials. And it’s easy to link back directly to your company’s website to capitalise on the increased traffic and attention.
  2. Use your creativity to inspire guests and prompt photo moments, video opportunities, and details to comment, on generating social interaction from guests – from photo booths and step and repeat boards to pose in front of, to compelling design features and beautifully presented food.
  3. We recommend giving guests free wifi access codes, and charging stations to ensure they can use their smartphones. If budget allows, including on-site photographers to assist with picture taking can be very helpful in generating event buzz.

take the time to brainstorm a hashtag that encapsulates the event and tells the brand story

  1. Use social media to showcase links to sponsors and high-profile celebrities, performers, or guests who are involved. If there are charities that the event is supporting, include the names of those as well. And always tag any celebrities and sponsors, so you can gain access to their fan-base with a simple click. And cross-promote the event between social media platforms as widely as possible.
  2. Showcase the hashtag and handles prominently and stylishly, so guests know what references to include in their posts. Original presentation is very important in capturing guests’ attention. And remember to take the time to brainstorm a hashtag that encapsulates the event and tells the brand story favourably.
  1. Invite well-respected bloggers, influencers and journalists to review, create content and make comments about the event on social media, or link to their reviews. Bloggers and influencers can also help your event and the associate brands reach a new target audience – it’s amplified word of mouth.
  2. Monitor social media conversations and hashtags throughout the evening and look for opportunities to engage, interject and repost. This will help generate more content and also good will between your brand and the blogger or content-creator. You might even happen upon a live pitch idea from a journalist via Twitter or Instagram.
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