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Timebased launches ‘The Capsule’13.03.20

Thinking of cancelling your event? Stop. Don’t panic.  Timebased launches a revolutionary solution to keep your events ticking.

In wake of the current climate, now is the time to activate your brand in a new and unconventional way.

Having produced and managed extraordinary events since 1996, we are taking a step to redefine the future of events.


Timebased introduces ‘The Capsule’.

A glass-sided mobile event studio fitted with cutting-edge broadcasting equipment, inbuilt cameras and a director’s suite. The space can be tailored specifically to your needs with bespoke branding, set design and endless technical capabilities.


This solution offers you a platform to voice your message and reach audiences across the globe, engaging in live conversation against an endless backdrop of locations from Covent Garden to the Manchester Piccadilly.



Suitable for: product launches, personal appearances, masterclasses, seminars, talks, conferences, panel discussions and PR stunts.


An alternative future-proof way to activate live.


For further information call us on: 0207 608 0080

Or drop us a line at:



* Images are for inspiration only and are not Timebased owned. 

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